The Internet Is Losing Its Mind Over Sirfetchd

The Internet Is Losing Its Mind Over Sirfetch’d

Nintendo unveiled an evolution to Farfetch’d, a noble Pokémon called Sirfetch’d, and fans cannot get enough.

You Are Reading :The Internet Is Losing Its Mind Over Sirfetchd

The announcement of the newest Pokémon Siretch’d has been met with excitement. The long-awaited evolution to the little stalk-wielding Pokémon Farfetch’d is finally here, and its existence has thrown the internet into a frenzy with memes, jokes, fan art, and general happiness over the noble Sirfetch’d.

Farfetch’d has been around since the beginning. And his existence has been just that– being there. He was mysterious and the allure of his stalk made us wonder, why is he holding a leek and where did he get it? It seems that some questions may have been answered with Sirfetch’d being announced. He was nurturing that leek to design the greatest sword and shield the Pokémon universe has ever seen.

Sirfetch’d’s design is an instant classic with his majestic sword, somewhat sturdy looking shield, and an undeniable swagger. Sirfetch’d has the chance to go down in history as one of the greatest evolutions of all time and fans can’t get enough.

Check out some of our favorite jokes, memes, and fan-art below.

Wonderful Fan-Art

Sirfetch’d already has that iconic design that translates well into the world of fan-art. These wonderful artists have already created a strong sense of what Sirfetch’d brings to the table and why is he already so beloved to the community.

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Epic Crossovers

Fans couldn’t help themselves to throwing Sirfetch’d into different franchises and he thrives in whatever setting he is placed in. He truly is the valiant hero we all need.

High Quality Memes & Jokes

Memes make the internet world go around, and Twitter had some great insights to share with the most noble Pokémon in the entire franchise.

Even Jacksepticeye couldn’t resist joining the massive Sirfetch’d hype train.

Sirfetch’d’s relatively simple design is one of the best in a while, and his smug demeanor oozes confidence. Sirfetch’d is exclusive to Pokémon Sword, though and Shield is gonna have to step its game up with an epic, early-gen evolution that will be met with the same adoration. If not, the mere existence of Sirfetch’d is making Pokémon Sword look all the more enticing. We a little under two months left before Sirfetch’d makes his franchise debut on November 15. The wait will be agonizing, but at least we have great content to keep us entertained until then.

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