The Best HolidayThemed Levels In Video Games

The Best Holiday-Themed Levels In Video Games

Get into the holiday mood with these themed levels from your favourite games.

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The Best HolidayThemed Levels In Video Games

Throughout the long history of gaming, there have been plenty of incredible titles. Any fans of the holiday season are sure to get even more excited by their favorite games when they include the odd holiday-themed level. When this hasn’t been mentioned in any way, the surprise is all the more wonderful for those who are fans of the theme.

While holiday levels in games can be relatively rare, their inclusion usually serves as a fun way to put unique characters into somewhat sillier situations. Ice levels in video games are fairly common, and some are the best levels in their respective games, but just a little bit of ice isn’t enough to be considered a holiday level. These are the best levels in gaming that really ran with the theme.

10 The Ravenous Wattle Gobbler – Borderlands 2

The Best HolidayThemed Levels In Video Games

It’s pretty rare for most games to include a dedicated Thanksgiving-themed level, but Borderlands 2 isn’t the average game. The developers released a short Thanksgiving DLC called The Horrible Hunger Of The Ravenous Wattle Gobbler back in 2013 to the delight of Borderlands fans.

While the story was quick, the usual bombastically hilarious character writing kept things interesting. Top the DLC off with a fun boss fight and exciting map to explore, and gamers have access to what might be the best Thanksgiving level in gaming.

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9 How The Saints Save Christmas – Saints Row 4

The Best HolidayThemed Levels In Video Games

Many gamers love when their favorite comedic games take aim at the holiday season. It gives the developers of those titles a chance to put their characters into even more unbelievable situations.

Saints Row 4’s second mission pack allows for that exact thing. In a series of missions, you are swept up in a strange story in which The Saints do their best to restore the holiday cheer of those around them. With an appearance from Santa himself, the story is one that every Christmas lover should experience.

8 Twisted Christmas – Killing Floor

The Best HolidayThemed Levels In Video Games

Fans of the Killing Floor series know that there are plenty of unique maps to choose from when they’re looking to get their fix of Zed slaying. Twisted Christmas is one of the best holiday-themed events that you’ll come across.

Typically when it’s time for Twisted Christmas, there’s a unique map with holiday-themed cosmetic changes for enemies. While there are some items and gear that can be obtained during the event, many players derive most of their joy from the horrible creatures becoming christmasified.

7 Christmas Town – Kingdom Hearts 2

The Best HolidayThemed Levels In Video Games

The debate of whether or not A Nightmare Before Christmas belongs to Halloween or Christmas is likely to rage on forever, but the inclusion of Christmas Town in Kingdom Hearts 2 really helps to push the debate toward the jolly holiday.

Christmas Town is one of the best areas to explore for fans of the holiday season. With some great music and an interesting boss fight, the level is always a joy. With newer versions of the game introducing new tracks for Christmas Town, the experience continues to remain fresh.

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6 You Better Watch Out… – Hitman: Blood Money

The Best HolidayThemed Levels In Video Games

The Hitman series has never been afraid to let fans have fun with the occasionally strange situations that Agent 47 finds himself in, and few examples are better than the seventh mission from Hitman: Blood Money. While assassinations aren’t likely to be the first thing people think of in terms of the holiday season, Hitman may change that.

It’s the atmosphere of the level that really stands out. Having the option to show up to a holiday party dressed as Santa is never a bad thing either.

5 Blizzard Of Balls – Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

The Best HolidayThemed Levels In Video Games

The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures is an incredibly difficult game, but one of the most difficult levels featured in it is the wintery Blizzard Of Balls level. Anyone who’s heard of the game in passing will know that it is of course primarily an ice level, but its backgrounds and enemies steal the show.

The entire world looks as if it were set on Christmas Eve with plenty of decorated trees and enormous villainous snowmen. Holiday fans who want a real challenge will thank themselves for seeking this level out.

4 Love Makes The World Go Around – Bully

The Best HolidayThemed Levels In Video Games

Bully is a wonderfully unique game, and many fans of the title are grateful for the inclusion of a holiday-themed section. While the third chapter could be considered a collection of levels thanks to its various missions, it’s undeniably filled with a hint of holiday cheer.

The Scholarship and Anniversary Editions of the game both extend the mission selection of this chapter as well making for a fun extension to the snowy section of the game. The focus may be on Jimmy and the Greasers, but that doesn’t mean the stylized section isn’t one of the best in the game.

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3 All Of Gotham – Batman: Arkham Origins

The Best HolidayThemed Levels In Video Games

There are few games that have portrayed a wintery atmosphere better than Batman: Arkham Origins. The Arkham series of Batman games have all given us the opportunity to explore some of our favorite locations in the universe and adding a holiday twist really kept a familiar landscape interesting for many.

The Christmas Eve-set game allows you to take control of the caped-crusader as you take on a series of assassins seeking the head of the Batman, while other villains scheme in the shadows. While some fans of the series aren’t the biggest fans of the game, others believe it is far too overlooked.

2 Freezeezy Peak – Banjo-Kazooie

The Best HolidayThemed Levels In Video Games

While Banjo-Kazooie is filled with memorable and fan-favorite levels, Freezeezy Peak stands out as one of the best. The entire game is filled with excellent tracks and Freezeezy Peak’s bouncy and whimsical music pairs perfectly with the wintery atmosphere.

The level has some of the most imaginative tasks to complete, even when compared to some of Banjo-Kazooie’s more intricate worlds. This level is often a must-play for gamers, even for ones that hate ice levels. Few things top flying around an enormous snowman.

1 How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day – Borderlands 2

The Borderlands franchise has always managed to create unique and compelling DLC’s for fans. Gamers agree that one of their best DLC’s is the holiday-themed How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day.

While the story does borrow a lot from pre-existing tales, it does so in typical Borderlands fashion, which makes for plenty of hilarious moments. Aside from being a great DLC for some excellent loot, the mission and memorable boss on offer make it well worth replaying whenever gamers can. In a series filled with memorable bosses, few are as memorable as the snowman, Tinder Snowflake.

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