NEO The World Ends With You All Books And How To Get Them

NEO: The World Ends With You- All Books And How To Get Them

There are lots of books to collect in NEO: TWEWY, offering special tips and tricks to help you out. Here’s where to get them all.

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NEO The World Ends With You All Books And How To Get Them

There is a lot of information to digest in NEO: The World Ends With You. You have to learn a rather unique combat system, the intricacies of eating food to boost your stats, and how best to use the myriad mechanics in the game.

The game provides many tutorials, but it has an odd way of letting you peruse these tutorials at your leisure. They take the form of books that can be purchased as items at a shop near the Scramble Crossing. Once bought, you can peruse these books at your leisure via the Records menu. However, some of these books cannot be bought so check here if you have a gap in your collection!

Book Collection

Books come in four distinct categories which are denoted by the color of their cover.

  • Yellow books are “Tips & Tricks” and contain basic tutorials about playing the game.
  • Red books contain tips relating to combat.
  • Green books teach you more about various mechanics of the game such as Pin evolution and how Style works.
  • Blue books are about Noise symbols and chaining.

Note that after you buy a book at the Scramble Crossing, they will have a second page to read in the Records menu, which sometimes contains advanced tips.

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