Fortnite All Season 8 Questlines

Fortnite – All Season 8 Questlines

Here’s a complete guide to all questlines in this season of Fortnite.

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Fortnite  All Season 8 Questlines

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Chapter Two’s Season Eight has just kicked off and as always a bunch of changes have been made to keep Fortnite fresh since it’s been around for a while now, however, it might take you some time to adjust to them. For example, weekly challenges have been replaced with weekly punchcards, which aren’t all that different in practice.

They tend to be easier challenges but there are fewer of them, meaning fewer experience points at the end of the week. On the other hand, questlines have been added. There are tons of these to get through and they will grant you a decent amount of XP, so in the end, you’re not at a loss.

How Questlines Work

Fortnite  All Season 8 Questlines

As you progress in a questline, each challenge in that set of challenges will reward you with more XP than the one before.

The first challenge is worth 12,000 XP, the second one is worth 14,000 XP, the third 16,000 XP, the fourth 18,000 XP, and the fifth 20,000 XP.

So, for each questline, you complete fully, you’ll receive a total of 80,000 XP, whereas for each weekly punchcard quest you finish, you’ll get 67,000 XP.

At the moment there is a total of 16 character questlists for you to complete — these will be available until the end of the season so you don’t have to rush through them. These are all the challenges in the correct order as you progress through each mission:

Week 1

Here are all questlines available as of the first week of the season. At the end, you will find a map with all of their locations.

Baba Yaga – New Brew Questline

  • Mark a Medkit, a Bandage, and a Small Shield Potion
  • Use any of the services of a Mending Machine
  • Consume foraged items
  • Restore health with a Fish
  • Use a Bandage or a Medkit in the Sideways

Charlotte – IO Heist Questline

  • Collect an Assault Rifle and a Grenade
  • Reach max shields
  • Visit an IO Outpost or the IO Convoy
  • Eliminate IO Guards
  • Search a chest in an IO Outpost or in the IO Convoy

Dark Jonesy – Spooky Story Questline

  • Collect a Shotgun and Shells at Steamy Stacks
  • Stoke a Campfire
  • Crouch within ten meters of an opponent for two seconds
  • Cause 150 headshot damage on monsters in The Sideways
  • Defeat two waves of Cube Monsters in The Sideways anomaly

Dusk – Vampire Combat Questline

  • Ring a doorbell until it breaks
  • Damage an opponent within 30 seconds of landing
  • Deal 75 Pistol damage from above
  • Get an elimination with a Pistol, SMG, or Shotgun in The Sideways
  • Finish a downed enemy with the Harvesting Tool

If you’ve never broken doorbells before, it’s actually quite an easy thing to do. All you have to do to break a doorbell in Fortnite is keep ringing it repeatedly, and eventually, it will simply break.

Fabio Sparklemane – Party Locale Questline

  • Use a Zipline
  • Destroy five pieces of furniture at Apres Ski
  • Dance at two different Alien Crash Sites
  • Dance for two seconds after damaging an opponent
  • Dance for five seconds while in The Sideways

J.B. Chimpanski – War Effort Questline

  • Make a donation to the War Effort Donation Box
  • Deliver a car to the Weather Station
  • Harvest 100 Metal from an Alien Crash Site
  • Talk to three characters
  • Interact with a Mounted Turret

Donation boxes have been scattered around the map. You can donate gold and you will receive an item as a way of thanking you for your donation. Throughout the season, turrets will be added to the map according to how much gold players donate to these boxes.

Kitbash – Making Friends Questline

  • Collect Nuts and Bolts
  • Craft an item
  • Upgrade a weapon at a Weapon Bench
  • Honk a vehicle’s horn within ten meters of an opponent
  • Survive three storm phases

Kor – Sniper Elite Questline

  • Collect a Sniper Rifle
  • Deal 150 damage with an Assault Rifle or Sniper Rifle
  • Get two headshots with an Assault Rifle or Sniper Rifle
  • Deal damage within 30 seconds of hiding in a Haystack, Dumpster, or a Flusher
  • Emote on top of a mountain
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Madcap – Mushroom Master Questline

  • Destroy a farming tractor
  • Forage two Mushrooms
  • Craft a Weapon
  • Destroy two refrigerators
  • Consume an Apple and a Banana

Penny – Build Passion Questline

  • Destroy five opponent structures
  • Build five structures at Craggy Cliffs
  • Harvest metal from both Weeping Woods and Steamy Stacks
  • Hit four weak points while harvesting
  • Emote within ten meters of an ally-built structure

Pitstop – Stunt Training Questline

  • Refuel a vehicle with gas
  • Travel 500 meters while in a vehicle
  • Destroy mailboxes with a vehicle
  • Get two seconds of air time with a vehicle
  • Interact with an overturned car to flip it right-side-up

The best way to get two seconds of air time with a vehicle is to build up using the stairs option in your building menu and then get the car over the ramp. Another complicated part of this challenge is to overturn a car. You can easily do this by driving into a gas pump at a gas station, as the explosion will most likely flip the car over.

Scuba Jonesy – Surf Turf Questline

  • Swim at both Lake Canoe and Lazy Lake
  • Submerge a driven vehicle into a large body of water
  • Throw a Fish back in the water
  • Hunt one Wildlife
  • Consume a Fish and a Meat in a single match

The Brat – Hot Dog Questline

  • Open a Cash Register
  • Destroy three couches or beds
  • Complete a quest from another character
  • Purchase a weapon of Rare (Blue) rarity or higher from a character or Weapon-O-Matic
  • Damage opponents with weapons of Rare rarity or higher

Toona Fish – Hue-ge Discovery Questline

  • Visit three different named locations
  • Dance within ten meters of an IO Guard
  • Visit the Aftermath
  • Pop the tires on five vehicles
  • Buy an item from a character

Torin – Monster Research Questline

  • Enter The Sideways
  • Collect a Sideways weapon
  • Deal 100 damage to players with a Sideways weapon
  • Eliminate ten Cube Monsters in The Sideways
  • Complete a Sideways encounter

You can trigger a Sideways encounter by walking into one of the purple rifts. Defeat the monsters until the bar is filled to successfully finish the encounter. You will be rewarded with some loot once you’ve done this, and you will have completed Torin’s questline.

Character Locations

You have to talk to each of these characters in order to receive their questlines and be able to continue on with the subsequent missions. You are going to have to visit 15 different characters and they are pretty well scattered throughout the Battle Royale map, so it’s best not to waste time searching for them. Here are all of their locations:

Fortnite  All Season 8 Questlines

Week 2

Week two has started and a new questline has been added. You have to find the Wrath character, so head down to Stealthy Stronghold to spot him. As soon as you get near the location, you will see the speech bubble with three dots inside on your minimap. Follow this symbol and you will come across Wrath.

Wrath – Escaped Tenant Questline

  • Spot enemy players using the Recon Scanner
  • Use a Jump Pad or Jump Vent and travel 100 meters before landing
  • Get a Storm Forecast from a character
  • Get a Bounty from a Bounty Board
  • Complete a Bounty

IO Chests are where you’re most likely to get a Recon Scanner in order to complete the first mission. And, since jump pads are also available near every IO Base, these are the last places to finish these two tasks.

You can actually talk to Wrath if you’re trying to finish the Storm Forecast mission since he reveals their future location if you give him some gold bars.

Week 3

This week, Epic has added two new questlines, the Wolf Activity questline and the Tooth Ache questline. This is the perfect way to enter the month of October.

You will find the Big Mouth character at The Orchard for the Tooth Ache questline and you’ll find Grim Fable at Weeping Woods.

Big Mouth – Tooth Ache Questline

  • Open Chests in Steel Farm (2)
  • Search an Ice Machine
  • Open Ammo Boxes at Dirty Docks (2)
  • Buy a health item from a Mending Machine
  • Search a Supply Drop

Grim Fable – Wolf Activity Questline

  • Hide in a Haystack at Corny Crops
  • Destroy beds in Holly Hedges or Pleasant Park (3)
  • Collect a Harpoon Gun
  • Hunt a Wolf
  • Emote within ten meters of Wildlife

None of this week’s quests are all that difficult, thankfully, and you can even do several of them in the same match.

If you’re having trouble locating harpoon guns be sure to break any fishing barrels you come across, they usually hide one inside.

Week 4

Week four brings two new questlines for players to dive into. This week’s characters are a bit spooky-looking to match this Halloween month.

You’ll have to take questions from Raven and Nitehare. Raven can be found at the Hydro 16 landmark, and Nitehare is found at the FN Radio landmark.

Nitehare – Hop Awake Questline

  • Bounce three times on tires without touching the ground
  • Use an Alien Jump Pad at an Alien Crash Site
  • Travel in an Alien Slipstream for 100 meters
  • Damage an opponent with a grenade (25)
  • Get an explosive elimination on a Cube Monster in The Sideways

Raven – Dark Skies Questline

  • Destroy Sideways Rocks (2)
  • Launch from a Corruption Vent in The Sideways
  • Eliminate Cube Monsters in The Sideways 15 seconds after gliding (3)
  • Get headshots from above (2)
  • Destroy chests with a harvesting tool (2)
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If you’re an older player, you might be apprehensive above destroying chests with your pickaxe. Before, doing this would destroy not only the chest but also its contents. However, now it works differently. You can destroy the chest and still get the loot inside it. Each chest has 500 HP and will give one wood per hit.

Week 5

With the Fortnitemares event still going on and spooky quests being what it’s all about, Week Five’s questlines are no different. This week, you’ll be getting tasks from Dire, who you’ll find at the Camp Cod landmark, and Ragsy, who hangs around Risky Reels.

Dire – Wolf Pack Questline

  • Emote at the Weather Station, Fort Crumpet, or Lockie’s Lighthouse
  • Damage Wildlife with a Melee Weapon (40)
  • Destroy a Dumpster at Lazy Lake or Pleasant Park
  • Eliminate Cube Monsters in The Sideways with a Melee Weapon (5)
  • Travel on foot in Misty Meadows (200)

Ragsy – Shield Techniques Questline

  • Purchase a Shield item from a Vending Machine
  • Consume both a Small Shield Potion and a Shield Fish
  • Harvest Stone from Sideways Rocks (50)
  • Use a Shield item while in The Sideways
  • Take damage from an enemy player and survive (1)

The questlines this week are some of the easiest ones yet, so you can probably get through them in no time. If you want to complete them even faster, you can plan ahead and see where you should drop to get as many missions done in the same match as you can. Deciding where you want to land is one of the most important parts of a Battle Royale match.

Week 6

Guess who’s back for this week’s questline challenges? That’s right, Ariana Grande! With a new outfit! Ariana Grande now has her own set of quests that you’ll have to complete. The other character that you’ll have to help is an NPC that’s already been featured in another questline – Dark Jonesy.

You can find the Ariana Grande NPC on the pier at Believer Beach and you can find Dark Jonesy in the same place as before: Steamy Stacks.

Ariana Grande – Monster Hunter Questline

  • Collect a Record and Place it in a Turntable
  • Study the Caretaker’s footprints (2)
  • Collect Symbols from eliminated Cube Monsters (5)
  • Reveal the Command Symbol
  • Launch Signal Flares (3)

You can find a record in the Base Echo landmark, southwest of Misty Meadows, then simply place it on the DJ table by interacting with it. The Caretaker’s footprints can be found in the Sideways in Misty Meadow — pretty close to where you can get the first task done, letting you get through as many as possible in the same match.

To reveal the Command Symbol, you have to head to one of the locations displayed on your map once you unlock this quest and copy the holograms a few times. Signal Flare locations are also shown on the map.

Dark Jonesy – Oracle Speaks Questline

  • Collect scrolls at different IO bases (2)
  • Use a Shadow Stone and then recover the Spirit Vessel
  • Touch a Cube
  • Destroy the Corruption Cluster and all Corruption Fragments (2)
  • Return the Spirit Vessel to The Oracle and hear his vision

Visit Alien Crash Sites to find Shadow Stones. Once you’ve consumed the Shadow Stone, a Spirit Vessel will spawn nearby and you’ll be able to interact with it. You can easily touch a Cube by visiting The Convergence POI in the middle of the map. Land on any Cube and jump around until the quest is completed.

Week 7

Unfortunately, no new questlines were added to the game during the seventh week of Chapter Two Season Eight. The Fortnitemares event is still going on until November 2, so you can still take advantage of the limited-time weapons added and complete questlines that you might’ve left behind with more ease, particularly those that require you to slay Cube Monsters.

However, if you’re looking to keep busy with new content, this week a new set of quests were added to the game: the Cube Queen quests. The long-awaited secret skin for this season has finally been revealed and tons of other unlockable content was added along with it as part of the Cube Queen cosmetic set.

We’ve already written a guide to help you tackle the Cube Queen challenges so be sure to check it out. You can get them done in no time.

And, if you want more challenges to help you pass the time this week, why not give the Refer a Friend program a try? Refer a friend and finish some tasks with them for a chance to win a free skin as well as more free cosmetics to sweeten your in-game Locker.

Week 8

Questlines are back for the eighth week of Chapter Two Season Eight. A character you might recognize from the earlier Seasons’ Battle Pass is going to give you a questline, Sledgehammer. You can find him next to the Flopper Pond landmark, northeast of Holly Hedges. The other NPC you’ll have to visit is Ember, you can find her at the top of the Scenic Spot landmark, northwest of Corny Crops.

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Here are this week’s questlines and each mission you’ll have to do to complete them:

Sledgehammer – Battle Orders Questline

  • Open a chest in the Sideways (1)
  • Eliminate different types of Cube Monsters in the Sideways (3)
  • Damage Cube Monsters with a Sideways Weapon (150)
  • Collect Cube Monster parts (50)
  • Defeat a Boss Cube Monster in the Sideways

Ember – Fire Yoga Questline

  • Destroy a fireplace at Lazy Lake, Craggy Cliffs, Holly Hedges, or Pleasant Park (1)
  • Set structures on fire (10)
  • Emote within five meters of a smoking vehicle
  • Ignite an opponent with a firefly jar
  • Heal from a campfire

For a vehicle to be considered a “smoking vehicle” in-game, it doesn’t have to be completely destroyed. So, you can simply hit it with your pickaxe or shoot at it until smoke starts coming out of it and then do any emote you’d like for it to count towards the challenge. There is no need to bring it down to zero HP and cause an explosion.

Week 9

As we enter the ninth week of the Season, Shadow Ops has a quest she needs your help with. This week you’ll be using a bunch of different weapons as you progress through the various tasks related to this questline. You can find Shadow Ops outside the Big Shots building in Lazy Lake. Approach her and interact with her to receive this new questline.

Shadow Ops – Impromptu Tactical Questline

  • Visit a Guardian Tower
  • Collect Light Ammo, Medium Ammo, and Shells (3)
  • Cause shotgun damage to Cube Monsters in the Sideways (150)
  • Get a headshot with a Pistol
  • Eliminate an opponent with an SMG

If you don’t recall where the Guardian Towers were located back in Chapter Two Season Six, we’ve got this map to help you find them. You only need to visit one Guardian Tower to complete the mission.

Fortnite  All Season 8 Questlines

Week 10

This week we’re getting a questline from a special character: Kakashi. Several Naruto characters have been added to Fortnite as NPCs as part of the game’s most recent crossover event. You can also participate in the Nindo Challenges until November 21.

You find Kakashi west of Lazy Lake, north of the Guardian Tower, on a hill with large marked rocks. The other character you’ll have to talk to in order to receive their questline is Rustlord, he hangs around the Compact Cars landmark, west of Dirty Docks and east of Corny Complex.

Kakashi – Fort Jutsu Questline

Scouting a UFO Crash Site works just like timed challenges. Head down to a crash site, you’ll find a timer, and then follow the beams of blue light, you’ll have to get to them before time runs out. You can easily get the new Paper Bomb Kunai weapon by talking to Kakashi, he’ll sell it to you for 150 gold bars.

Rustlord – Scrap King Questline

  • Collect wood, metal, and stone (3)
  • Build structures at Corny Complex or Weeping Woods (20)
  • Gather shields from Slurp Barrels (30)
  • Hit Weakpoints while harvesting (20)
  • Destroy structures with a vehicle (30)

Week 11

This week, no new questlines were added to the game. However, since it’s Strike From The Shadows Week, a new set of punchcard missions were added with the Strike From The Shadows Punchcard. The tasks have various stages and each stage will reward you with more XP.

The only downside to this is that these are temporary quests, this means that once the week is over they will no longer be available and you will no longer be able to earn that XP if you didn’t finish all tasks on time. You have until 9 AM ET on November 30, 2021 to finish both tasks.

Since the Naruto crossover started last week, this week’s quests are ninja-themed and require some stealth in your gameplay. This means that you’ll have to resort to shadow items and the new Paper Bomb Kunai weapon. If you need help with these tasks, we’ve already written a guide with some pointers and useful information so be sure to check it out.

Week 12

It’s the twelfth week of Chapter Two’s Season Eight and the Season is coming to an end. To everyone’s surprise, there won’t be a Season Nine and we’ll go straight into Chapter Three. Sadly there aren’t any final questlines this week.

The Finale will start at 4 pm EST on December 4, 2021 so be sure to check in then. To make up for the lack of questlines that would provide additional XP to get those extra Battle Pass levels, Epic Games is giving away 225,000 XP to every player that has logged in these final two weeks. So, if you’ve been away from the game this is your chance to get those last Battle Pass rewards before the season is over and done with for good, and these are also the last few days you have to complete all remaining questlines that you might’ve left behind.

Get ready, Fortnite’s live in-game events are always exciting and will keep you on the edge of your seat. Plus, Chapter Three is bound to be a blast and keep you hooked once more.

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