Cyberpunk 2077 Everything We Know About Crafting So Far (And How Important It Might Be)

Cyberpunk 2077: Everything We Know About Crafting So Far (And How Important It Might Be)

We break down what CDPR has said about Cyberpunk 2077 crafting, how it will work, and how vital it might be.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Everything We Know About Crafting So Far (And How Important It Might Be)

April 16 has come and gone. Yet, while one of the most anticipated games of 2020 may not have debuted on time, Cyberpunk 2077’s many detailed in-game assets prove it’s well worth the wait. From the immense verticality of the Night City map to the variety in its custom character creation, CD Projekt Red’s forthcoming cyberpunk action-adventure will most certainly be a benchmark for quality gaming.

One of the ways it will do this is through a fleshed-out and complex crafting system, which may be among the most important aspects of the game. Unlike The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077’s crafting will be deep, varied and upgraded via the purchasable perks acquired throughout its assuredly 100-hour-plus playthrough. From what kind of trinkets can be crafted to how crafting in-game will be experienced, let’s dive into all the ways CDPR has reinvented the system for its cybernetic magnum opus.

What Is Crafting And Who Can Craft?

While The Witcher 3 had an in-depth crafting system, it still could easily be ignored without tarnishing the overall experience or inhibiting players from completing the game. Cyberpunk 2077, on the other hand, will be vastly different. According to a 2018 reply Tweet, the game will feature a variety of Skills, such as Hacking, Long Guns, Short Guns, and more. Main among them will be Crafting, a skill that will allow players to find and even break down certain items in the world, then use them as components to build new ones or upgrade already existing equipment. To boost these skills, players will have to unlock Perks by gathering XP and, interestingly, acquiring Streed Cred.

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As to who can craft, a correspondence between one fan and the main CP2077 Twitter account reads: “Since we have no classes in the game, everyone can craft, but you need to invest in the right perks.” Street Cred could even factor into the crafting mechanics. This would mean aligning with one faction, say the Voodoos, may boost the player’s crafting abilities, whereas chumming it up with the Mox Gang improves the player’s short guns stats. There will be a lot to think about not only when building upon the character’s Lifepath and perk upgrades but even down to who the player chooses (and doesn’t choose) to befriend.

What Can Players Craft?

Cyberpunk 2077 Everything We Know About Crafting So Far (And How Important It Might Be)

As revealed in the same correspondence, a multitude of different gear can be crafted in Cyberpunk 2077. This includes weapons, weapons blueprints, health items and other forms of consumables, as well as armor and “gadgets,” which could pertain to specialized tech, similar to the Militech Spiderbot featured in the gameplay trailer. More details on in-game crafting would be expounded in a Polish Q&A with developers, which was summarized and translated on Reddit:

“Players will be able to craft pretty much any usable item, with exception of clothes and cyberware, however it will be possible to craft different modifications for those, which will allow modification of their stats and of the way they look.”

Cyberware, or the cybernetic enhancements players will be using throughout their playthrough, will be an extremely important concept. Thus, crafting different upgrades and enhancements for them will only improve upon the character’s stats. It remains to be seen if Cyberpunk 2077 will feature varied ammo types, much like Red Dead Redemption 2, which only allows players to access them through crafting. While it might be an interesting addition to the game, Cyberpunk 2077 will already be teeming with a multitude of craftable components. Ammo will be the least of a player’s concerns.

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How Will Crafting Mechanics Operate?

Many fans are concerned that the in-game crafting system will be far too complex, making it almost unenjoyable or too convoluted to utilize properly. It’s unclear how exactly the mechanics will work, though judging by an early build of the inventory menu, wherein crafting has its own section, the skill itself appears to be somewhat streamlined and easily accessible. In The Witcher 3, players could dismantle objects from anywhere in the game, but to craft a weapon or piece of armor, the game required Geralt to meet with a blacksmith or armorer and be at the appropriate level.

It seems Cyberpunk 2077 will allow players to craft straight from the menu, which will be a vast improvement. Hopefully, it’s not too complex to the point of driving players away. Much of Cyberpunk 2077 seems to harken on this very mechanic, highlighting how crafting will be one of the most useful skills in the game, unlike its predecessor. In the months leading up to its September release, thankfully without any further delays, fans will have to start thinking long and hard about their character’s ultimate lifepaths and the ways in which they will be utilizing crafting to their advantage.

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